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Who we are
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Who we are

Under the Slovak law, the vaccination of all children is compulsory. The funding members of the society, whose web pages you are just reading, came with the Initiative for Vaccine Risk Awareness as parents. According to their experience and knowledge they came to, they decided not only to refuse further vaccination of their children, but to make this taboo topic in Slovakia known to public, and to initiate voluntary vaccination, as it is in most original EU countries.

We want to inform

At first place, we want to consecutively provide other people —including professionals— with the information about huge risks, that vaccinating children from their first days after the birth brings in. There's plenty of such information in foreign sources, but it's suppressed in Slovakia.

Vaccination risks concern all the people being vaccinated, but they are most remarkable with children. Most parents bring their children to compulsory vaccination without any suspect about the risks that may sign their child for a lifetime. For this reason, they are not able to take a competent opinion, nor to freely decide whether to allow or disallow a doctor to make this artificial intervention into the natural immunity of their children. Legal obligation is one issue, and responsibility of the parents for their children is another issue, albeit responsibility, as well as consequences for a wrong step in this direction, in Slovakia is not carried by the state, but the parents themselves. The informing should help parents take mature, professionally based, competent position regarding the question of vaccination and to enable them decide freely.

We want to act

Beside informing the public, we want to make concrete steps that would lead to changes in Slovak legislation in the field of vaccination. Compulsory vaccination doesn't only affect the children, but it is also required for practicing some professions. As far as the children vaccination is concerned, in Slovakia up to now the so-called Soviet model exists (the name referring to the totalitary practice model, that persisted even after the breakup of the komunism in 1990's), which subscribes compulsory vaccination of all children according to the vaccination calendar, while by refusing the vaccination, a parent is at the risk of sanctions. Beside this, the Slovak legislation doesn't prevent vaccines applied to babies to contain poisons, toxic and carcinogenic substances such as mercury, formaldehyde and aluminum (in the compound form).

Our objective is to influence the legislation in the field of vaccination towards

  • constituting the free choice in vaccinations for all citizens,
  • constituting the right for parents to decide about their children vaccination,
  • constituting the right for doctors to refuse to vaccinate,
  • constituting the obligation for doctors to inform citizens about the risks connected with vaccination,
  • constituting the obligations to compensate vaccination victims,
  • limiting the use of vaccines that contain poisons and thorough vaccine control, and
  • making thorough statistics on side effects of vaccination.

We have already contacted some members of the Parliament of the Slovak Republic in order to make them consider the information on vaccination risks and foreign experience with these problems in discussing the law about public health system and amendment of the law about drugs and drug policy.

We want to connect

In order to achieve voluntary vaccination, constitute the obligations to compensate vaccination victims, to cancel some vaccinations, to ban the use of some chemical substances in vaccines, in many states it has been necessary to make a significant effort and pressure from below: from parents, professionals, and public. This is why we invite all those concerned in the vaccination topic or personally affected by it.

We believe we will gradually make such a basis, that would enable us also to provide consulting in the field of vaccination, be it from the medical or legal point of view. We are also prospectively interested in enabling personal meeting of people with equal orientation, objectives, and possibly with similar destiny in the form of talks, conferences, and other encounters.

We believe our web site will already help you in making a decision about vaccinating your children or yourself. Please, feel free to use the Resources page, that contains mostly the materials in english language. We will expand the site further and look for other forms of informing about vaccination. We look forward for a contact and cooperation with you!